Performers of Pacheco School

Welcome and thank you for taking an interest in POPS (Performers Of Pacheco/Prairie School). We are entering our 9th year of POPS productions in our district and we wish to continue our successful run of musicals and plays.
POPS Mission:
To nurture the creative artist within each of our students. We pledge to instill a commitment to and recognition of the performing arts as an integral part of a well-rounded education. We celebrate the value, beauty and necessity of the performing arts in our world.
POPS Goal:
To develop and deliver the highest standard of performing arts education, which will provide our students with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in future endeavors.
Underlying this performing arts instruction is a commitment to instill life-skills: confidence, creativity, communication skills, collaboration skills, citizenship and character.
In the course of serving our students, POPS realizes a second goal of providing high quality entertainment. Thousands of people have enjoyed performances by POPS since its inception.
In order to accomplish this goal, POPS:
  • Provides intense, quality learning and performing opportunities in the production and performing arts.
  • Provides an atmosphere where young people are encouraged to set goals, take risks and view mistakes as an avenue for learning.
  • Surrounds students with a staff of professional coaches who serve as mentors and teachers, encouraging our students to commit to a high level of self-expectation.
  • Creates an awareness that the arts are a constructive vehicle of personal expression.
  • Demonstrates to the public the high level of performing and production arts skills that the students are capable of achieving when given proper training.
  Last updated on 10/02/2016