Registration Commitment

By completing the registration process for POPS, I the parent and/or legal guardian of this registered student agree to the following commitments:

1. My child will be present for all practices unless alternative arrangements have been made with a director of the program, i.e. sports conflicts, music lessons etc.

2. The only excused absences are for sickness or an emergency appointment. 

3. I will contact a director of the program in the event of an unforeseen absence. Letting the office know will not suffice.

4. Where continued absences occur my child may have to take a smaller role or in some cases receive a dismissal from the program.

5. In the event of inappropriate behavior during POPS activities, warnings will be given.  If the behavior continues after the two warnings I will be called to pick up my child. If further behavior ensues my child may be asked to leave the program permanently.

6. My child will be available for all technical and dress rehearsals on the week of the show. On some occasions these rehearsal days may fall on a school breaks.

7. As a parent, I or a member of my family will volunteer at least 4 hours of work to the program. My help encourages the program to prosper and thrive into the future.

8. I can buy out of the help program by paying $20 to AAAF - POPS

9. You must ensure you or your child informs the directors of all extra curricular activities that may conflict with practices.

10. One parent or member of family must attend the mandatory parent meeting.

11. I agree to sell one program ad or personal message at a minimum of $20.

Last Update: 10/02/14 @ 10:14 AM